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There’s a high seas adventure story behind the creation of Rust-Oleum involving a Scottish sea captain by the name of Robert Fergusson.

Captain Fergusson didn’t intend to start Rust-Oleum Corporation nearly a century ago when – while serving in the British Marines – he lunged for a container of raw fish oil before it spilled on his rusted metal deck.

But the Scotsman noticed that his spill stopped the spread of corrosion. This observation ultimately led him to create the world’s first rust-preventative paint.

Since the formation of Rust-Oleum Corporation in 1921 the business has grown into a worldwide provider of decorative and protective paints and coatings for both home and industrial use.

Whilst Rust-Oleum is still renowned for producing the rust-fighting formula that started it all, it is now equally famous for its aerosol spray paints – Rust-Oleum is a household name and the number one premium brand of aerosol paints in the USA.

As a UK subsidiary of Rust-Oleum, Tor Coatings manufactures and markets the Rust-Oleum range of spray paints presented in this website from its purpose-built facility in County Durham, England.

Formulated using Rust-Oleum’s cutting edge spray paint technology, the products showcased in this website deliver groundbreaking functionality and performance previously unseen in the UK paint market.

For more information on Tor Coatings please visit www.tor-coatings.com

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